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Atlas roof lanterns prices are coming down in price. Roof lanterns have the ability to breathe light into your apartment rooms below. In contemporary architecture, roof lantern is a type of daylighting element and stands out as a significantly cheaper way to brighten up your rooms, especially as compared to rebuilding a full-scale extension to your house. Roof lanterns can be fitted on the flat surface of the roof. Though nowadays roof lanterns and are used interchangeably, there is one difference between the two. While roof lanterns are designed to sit above the roof, sky lanterns are fitted into the construction of the roof. Another difference is that roof lanterns offer better heat retention and are manufactured using thermally broken aluminium.

Evolution of the Roof lanterns

The modern-day Atlas roof lanterns prices have evolved from the glazed lanterns of the middle centuries, which were prominently seen in the renaissance architecture. These glazed glass structure on rooftops were principally found in cathedrals as the daylighting element, though the design and architecture were totally different. Initially used in cathedrals and orangeries they started out as conservatory structures and they actually looked like lanterns.

The Origin Point

The best examples of these would be the lantern-like dome over the Florence baptistery and the cupola styled dome lantern in the Seville Cathedral of Andalusia. Construction techniques: In the renaissance and post-renaissance age during the 18th and 19th centuries, Atlas roof lanterns prices were commonly made from timber and wood for constructions. However, these used to wilt away in wet and damp conditions.

When Skypods Became popular

During the Victorian Era of the 19th and 20th centuries, there was an increase in the sheet metal industry. This led to wood being replaced by metal in their constructions. Almost all houses installed the roof lanterns, mainly to illuminate the enclosed stairwells in the homes. This period also saw the design of the lanterns evolve from the ones observed in cathedrals to the modern day ceiling window design.

Modern Day design

Today roof lanterns have evolved a lot from the ones mentioned above. Technological advancements have helped in overcoming the common problems of the past like water leakages and energy losses, due to better sealing and advent of high-performance glasses used for the roofs. Modern day designs include ridge and spider bar arrangements which make even an uninspiring room look more attractive.

Benefits of having roof lanterns

1: Natural light is flooded in the room, thus limiting energy consumption and reducing costs.

2: It makes the house look contemporary.

3: The rooms look more spacious with a roof light.

4: Helps to make the most of view, you could even stargaze through it at night.

5: Better heat retention in cold regions (with broken thermal lanterns).Sent on:9:42 am

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